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Aerial view from just after construction, prior to opening.

SkatePark in use

Our History

The Saranac Lake SkatePark Committee, founded in 2004, is a group of 20 adults and 30 skaters focused on the establishment and use of a safe skateboard facility within Saranac Lake, New York. The local skateboarders are primarily school age youth, with 61% of boys age 9 to 14 owning a skateboard. These skateboarders are active, involved, and have raised $60,000 in funds through bake sales, car washes, winter wreath sales, and sponsored local events. This small village and their young skaters have shown excellent local commitment.

Our Mission

The Skatepark Committee’s mission is to raise awareness of skateboarding as a positive sport and to provide a safe place for our youth to practice one of their favorite activities.

Collaborative Partners

Village of Saranac Lake – Designated a location on Village property for the skatepark, which when complete, will be operated and maintained by the Village as a public facility.

The Saranac Lake Rotary Foundation, Inc. - Manages and disperses funds for the project.

Pillar Design Studios: Brad Siedlecki  - A native of Star Lake, Brad Siedlecki  is known worldwide for his skateboard park designs. www.pillardesignstudios.com